Board of Directors Meeting, November 9, 2013

Chapter President Gary Rieniets called the Bad Axe Board of Directors (BOD) meeting to order at 9:30 am, September 28, 2013, at the Country Kitchen, Richland Center, Wisconsin. Board members present: Gary Rieniets, Dave Weigandt, Brent McCowen, Paul Niederberger, Roger Szudera, Cecil Richardson.

Review of Previous Minutes

The Board reviewed and approved the minutes from the September 28, 2013 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

-          The Treasurer’s Financial Report was presented, seconded and approved.

-          We are one member ahead of last year at this time.

-          We’re spending $54 a year for a post office box. We should consider not renewing it.

President’s Report

-          Distributed copies of the WWOA Strategic Plan for 2010-2015. Gary asked each Board member to review GOAL II (Strengthen Chapters) and send him ideas on “anything we could add.” (ACTION ITEM)

-          Asked to be reminded to get with Steve Stevenson to discuss ideas on how to increase Bad Axe membership. (ACTION ITEM)

-          Distributed copies of an email stating the Bad Axe Chapter’s support of a Driftless Forest Network grant application.

-          Distributed copies of an email from Nancy Bozek asking that the WWOA office be copied on “all Chapter and Committee correspondence,” including meeting notices, agenda, and minutes. The items will be placed on the WWOA website calendar, thus making them official events for WWOA insurance coverage.

-          Gary will contact Joe Arington and talk to him about the possibility of three chapters (Bad Axe, Kettle Moraine, and Blackhawk) having a combined winter (inside) field day, possibly in February. (ACTION ITEM)

-          The Tri-State Forestry Conference will be March 8, 2014, at a convent in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin (near Dubuque).


Reports from Directors

-          Paul Niederberger, Director of Member Communications:

  1. Distributed statistics on how people find our website, what information they’re seeking, and which links they use from our website. We get approximately 28,000 visits per quarter.
  2. Reminded directors that if there is an upcoming event and the timing is not right to get it in the Newsletter, we can always put it on the website.
  3. Next year will be our final year for Bad Axe membership dues. Consequently, we need to send letters to 99 Bad Axe members encouraging them to renew their memberships for one year. (ACTION ITEM)
  4. We need to review the WWOA and Bad Axe membership lists to find those who belong to the Bad Axe Chapter but not to WWOA. We’ll then work with WWOA to decide how to appropriately ask/invite them to join WWOA. (As of next year, a person must be a WWOA member in order to be a Bad Axe member.) Dave will compose a draft letter. (ACTION ITEM)

-          Roger Szudera; Field Day Chairperson:

  1. Presented ideas for the 2014 Spring Field Day in May.
  2. Has been in contact with someone who could present a program on prescribed burning, invasive species grazing (with goats), and/or other land management issues.


Proposed Dates for Field Days

  1. Spring Field Day – May 10, 2014
  2. Annual Meeting – July 12, 2014
  3. Fall Field Day – October 4, 2014


The Next BOD Meeting will be Saturday, February 22, 2014, 9:30 a.m., at the Country Kitchen in Richland Center.


Respectfully Submitted,





Chapter Secretary